Steps & Pathways


Depending on your yard’s layout, you may need to have steps installed. To move around on different ground levels, you and your company would need to take some steps. The number of steps installed depends on the height of the ground. A large height difference may require more steps, while a small height difference requires less. You can choose a variety of materials to create all your needs of steps.


Pathways provide easy access between your outdoor and indoor spaces, making it convenient to move around both areas. Plus, they add an attractive and pleasing element to your landscape. There are many different types of pathways, just like there are many different types of patios. You can choose from a simple concrete sidewalk that connects two points, or a pathway that meanders through your entire landscape. There are a variety of pathways to choose from, depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stepping stones are a fun way to create the discrete, less formal path compared to a full concrete pathway. In addition to that, they are less expensive to construct than continuous paved concrete pathways.

Yes, we can custom format your paving stones to match your landscape and home. We offer a wide variety of colors, rocks, concrete, bricks, and other stepping stones products and we are confident that our SERA landscaping experts can turn your favorite yard or landscape into a beautiful sight with unique paving stone pathways.

These pathways are more resistant to cracking than asphalt or poured concrete. These pieces can expand and contract in a way that concrete cannot. They are easy to replace and affordable.