Renovations; whether it’s replacing a broken, damaged, or obsolete structure, it’s a big project. We go with you from the initial sketches to the small details that make renovations and custom designs “your own”.

We understand that renovation raises many questions. How long it will take, how much it will cost to renovate in the winter, how viable this project will be, most clients will promote it before starting the project. SERA Landscaping Experts are here to ease your worries and answer any questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is determined with your project size. It is our job to work with your time to have a vision. Being a big responsibility to renovate is just as seamless as possible at every stage and easily on your behalf.

There is a renovation during the change in most instances. It is necessary to make a decision if there is a schedule and display of the discussion now. In order to make the best possible service, it is necessary to decide before not to delay. However, we will support you.You can change theで to be judged in other regions.

Yes, our skilled team of experts will help you to bring to life the vision you have, even in cases to verbalize where are you in the location. We are here for you to work with them to get the best results.