Garden Installation & Planting

At SERA Landscaping our staff is very experienced and always eager to turn an unused or unruly landscape into something that everyone can enjoy! Whether it is a garden that requires a full revamp with many different aspects involved, or a simple backyard garden redo for you and your family to enjoy, we can assist you with whatever your needs may be!



Quoting Process: While we can help you with the following types of services, we would love to meet with you to better understand exactly what you are looking for in a garden cleanup or planting. As every garden and property is different, this helps us to get a better understanding of exactly what you are looking for so that we can provide you with the best possible estimate!


Custom Planting: At SERA Landscaping we are proud to provide custom services such as seasonal plantings & installations! If you are considering a new planting for your home and garden, we would be interested in hearing your preferences on some of the following: shapes, sizes, colours, textures, volume, fragrance, seasonal interests and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The irrigation system is a wise investment, saving time and money. Fashion experts like us, they will give you extra peace of mind is your automatic sprinkler system will be incredible efficiency and functionality.

No, home irrigation system is a conservation water. The water can be set on a timer, when the hose length is equal to the amount of water. So it is whether the water will occur, and its length.

Home irrigation technicians determine the type of lawn that can have a direct impact on garden irrigation. It also affects the soil type own lawn water irrigation efficiency. The technician, these factors and other factors can be proposed types of sprinklers, which are used in places where they are provided for hot water treatment.